A primer on the extensive genre of teshumara, or Tuareg guitar. Look back on the articles from the Sahel Sounds archives. Tuareg guitar history, field recordings, albums, and writings. Pulling from over the past decade of travels throughout Mali and Niger.

Piracy, fun, terrorism.

Ishilan n Tenere has had its "official" African release -- a limited run of 100 cassettes produced with the crew from Mississippi Records, for African export only. Considering the conditions of the Sahel, with suffocating midday heat, corrosive sand, and…


Year of the Toyota Land Cruiser (Y.T.L.C.)

Historically, musicologists lacked the capability to record audio. Songs were transcribed either in Western musical notation or some peculiar form of transcription. Both forms suffered from inevitable selection bias as to what was or was not recorded (or able to…

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“Il y laisse de jouer.”

Another routine evening, we assemble inside Ahmed's compound of chest high mud walls, sitting on the light mats thrown down in the dusty yard. Two or three guitars are picked up and traded around, the flickering light of the fire…