Mdou Moctar Fall Tour 2015

Mdou Moctar's fall tour begins tomorrow. The band will be playing a full UK tour, with dates across the EU, and a first time show in Turkey. Select date will be accompanied by screenings of Akounak. Stop by and say hello!

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mdou moctar tour 2015

Mdou Moctar is heading out on a tour across the EU and Canada! If you happen to be around, please come by. We'll be screening the film "Akounak" at select dates, and we'll be bringing DVDs and the yet to be released Vinyl OST. Stay tuned for more film screenings…

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Mdou Fall Tour 2014

Fresh off the last tour, Mdou and the band are planning another one, with stops in Norway, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands. I wont be joining them, as I'll be back in the Sahel with the crew of Not Just Phones. Expect many updates from Niger as we…

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tuaregs in paris

Tonight we begin our first stop on for the Mdou Moctar summer tour across Europe. Lot's of dates, from Sweden all the way down to Portugal (Paris date coming soon)! For more details, check here.

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close encounters

The next two weeks, Mamman Sani will be touring around France (plus brief stopovers in Geneva and London). We have a great lineup of shows, sharing bills w/ Group Inerane, Phono Mundial, and the amazing Brigitte Fontaine & Areski: April 4th - Cave 12 - Geneva, Switzerland (w/Orchestre Tout Puissant…

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