radio sikasso

Caught this on the radio late night in Sikasso. This is more or less a live in studio example of the "balani show" remix, performed on a sampler, with CDJs. I don't have anymore info, but it's brilliant. Radio Sikasso - Balani Remix

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the caves of missirikoro

Missirikoro field recording Missirikoro is a small village south of Sikasso. It's only 12 kilometers away, but the road is all red dirt and rocks - unpaved, but heavily traveled. As you approach the village, you can see the strange mountain rising above the tree line. It is a small…

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Vieux Balani, live and direct

Vieux Balani - Balafon Spent a few days in the South of Mali in Sikasso -- a region stunningly different from the North. This is green Mali, with rice paddies, giant tropical trees, and red earth. Water is everywhere. People like to joke that everything is free in Sikasso. It's…

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