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Sousoume Tamachek Teaser Vid

We put together this little preview video for Mdou Moctar’s upcoming album “Sousoume Tamachek.” The album was recorded in Portland, Oregon, and we brought in a range of local talent in the recording, working with Jason Powers from Type Foundry and Jesse Johnson at Boomarm Nation. But the album itself is just Mdou, playing all the instruments, backup vocals, rhythm guitar, and percussion.

The full release is August 2017, coinciding with Mdou’s first USA tour – stay tuned for tour dates coming soon.

new media and imagined geographies

For those of you in the Northwest, I’ll be showing some of the best modern digital art from the Sahel — opening this Saturday at the new Portland Museum of Modern Art, “Azawad Libre! New Media and Imagined Geographies in the Sahel” draws from cellphone photography, Facebook profile graphics, and viral videos pouring out of Mali — demonstrating the innovative re-imagining of personal avatars as well as the political creation of a ‘digital’ Azawad, a new statehood unrecognized by the international community but thriving in the exchange of new media:

Built-in photo manipulation software has led to stylistic trends, combining personal photos with superimposed pixelated graphics. The recent proliferation of home PCs further introduces new techniques of photo manipulation. Utilizing software-based templates and automated web-based montage platforms, the personal identity is altered and re-imagined into new forms; desires, hopes, and dreams are expressed in hyper-real manifestations. Invoking colorful and sometimes garish worlds of montage, digital distortions and lens flares, the images are informed by Western cultural objects, yet liberated from the points of origin….Examining the rich content of the digital artifacts which circulate through the networks of the Sahel, Azwad Libre! considers not only the roles of new media and democratization of creative tools, but the beauty of uninhibited inspiration. (link)

The opening is on Saturday, November 17th at 7:30pm (facebook page) and the show will be running for a month, before traveling to a few other cities in the new year. ART.

Mdou Moctar, Desert Warrior

Just finished up the new music video for Mdou Moctar’s “Anar” (previously) – inspired by the lovelorn ballad using a pastiche of footage from the 1984 film “Tuareg – The Desert Warrior,” an Italian Spaghetti “Western”. The video is also available in 3GP format, the preferred video format for cellphones in West Africa – available here – and the video is currently en route to Niger via Facebook.

The autotune jam has been covered by Portland’s BRAINSTORM, complete with homophone Tamashek to English lyrics. The artists will be sharing a split 7″ dropping this next Tuesday, August 14th. Portland heads should swing by Holocene for the official release party.

Listen/Order here.