Torodi, the new release from Hama is now available on vinyl and digital download. Compiled from tracks collected across Niger over the past few years, the vinyl release features hand drawn artwork by well known Nigerien political caricature artist Abdoul Karim, beautifully designed and screenprinted by Corum, limited to 500:…

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desert psychedelia

? Music video treatment for "Ataraghine", Hama's synth composition featured on the new LP. A cover of a song by Aghaly Bekaye. Featuring footage of Hama in action with images from Niger's Cure Salée, edited together for some desert psychedelia.

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on the regional variation of id3 tags in the western sahel

Bus field recording, Ansongo, Mali The first time I heard the music was (naturally) on a cellphone. It was March of 2012, and I left Gao in a rush as the Northern cities fell to the rebellion. I nervously scanned the horizon as the bus blew past abandoned police posts…

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medium and the message

Super Onze - Gao Around the fall of Gao in 2012, I met a cassette vendor in Niamey's grand market. For years he has sat on a bench in a busy corridor with stacks of cassettes and an array of simultaneously spinning duplicators. One of a few vendors left in…

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Mamman Sani Eurovision

Just returned from Niger, where I've been working with Mamman Sani in preparation for his first international tour (on a few dates, joined with the incredible Lonnie Holley). We'll be heading to Europe for about two weeks. Drop by and say hello. Nov 2013 29 4AD Club - Dikmuide, Belgium…

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UPDATE: The music thought to be that of Japonais, is actually of the musician Hama, a Niamey based pianist/electronic musician. See this post here for more info. Japonais - Piyano 1 Back in 2012, I found a few incredible instrumental piano tracks in Niger. This trip to Agadez, I asked…

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