everything is remix pt. 2

In West Africa, as mentioned every so often here, cellphones are far more important than television in media diffusion and consumption. Videos are traded, like sound - from short comedic clips to full-length movies. But amongst the plethora of video, nothing stands out like the remix. Using pre-existing sequences, new…

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Digital Sahel

A heads up for the friends across the pond, I'll be bringing some digital Sahel goodness to Europe for the next two weeks in Switzerland and France: From Feb. 6th - 8th is Lift 13, a three day conference "exploring the business and social implications of digital technologies." I'll be…

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the talking cat of azawad

In the past year, the Northern portion of Mali slipped into chaos, leaving it without military or law. Islamist militants with a bad habit of kidnapping Westerners took control of the cities, and even the most dogged reporters beat a hasty retreat to the capital. Western media empires constructed around…

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don’t silence your cellphones.

. Music from Saharan Cellphones: Volume 2 is finally on vinyl! The album draws from material from both of the first two cassettes - from hi-energy Moroccan Raï, desert ishumar guitar, Sonrai rap from Northern Mali, to yet to be named genres like "Tuareg Autotune". Production of the release was…

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new media and imagined geographies

For those of you in the Northwest, I'll be showing some of the best modern digital art from the Sahel -- opening this Saturday at the new Portland Museum of Modern Art, "Azawad Libre! New Media and Imagined Geographies in the Sahel" draws from cellphone photography, Facebook profile graphics, and…

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