Moussa Tchingou, Zone Touareg

Moussa "Tchingou" Eggour is one of the most ambitious younger (under 25) Agadez Tuareg guitarists, eager for success. Raised in the midst of the Saharan internet revolution, he runs his own social media (something that the older crop of musicians don't know how to do). He has his own Youtube…

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Zerzura Original Soundtrack Recording

Zerzura (Original Soundtrack Recording) by Ahmoudou Madassane In 2016, we created a film titled Zerzura. The story concerns a young man Ahmoudou Madassane, disillusioned with the pastoral life. He sets off for the city, where he learns of his brother's mysterious disappearance. His journey leads him on an unexpected quest,…

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Les Filles de Illighadad Tour Dates 2018

Les Filles de Illighadad are back with tour dates for the EU this fall! We'll be following the tour with a few dates in Australia at Sydney Fest and Mona Foma. Then in 2019, we're finally booking a tour in the USA (hit us up at booking(at)

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Tallawit Timbouctou – Hali Diallo

In 1989, Aghaly and his brother Mousa left their home. A small village called Ewit, it sits just outside of Timbouctou, not far from where the barge shelters cars across the river. Their family are forgerons and griots. I'm uncertain of the difference between the two, or if there is…

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Troupe Ecole Tudu – Oyiwane

Oyiwane by Troupe École Tudu The debut album from Troupe École Tudu "Oyiwane" is now available, restored and remastered for the first time outside of Niger! Troupe École Tudu (previously) take their name from a small neighborhood of Agadez, Niger. In 1985, the city hosted a musical competition between various…

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Hauka, music for the spirits

Mamoudou Amadou Seini Lingo & Group - Song for Water Djinn Seini Lingo & Group - Captain Salama I come to Niamey looking for the supernatural. Fresh off speaking at a conference for the centennial of Jean Rouch, I'm inspired by this body of work, and I dedicate a week…

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