Luka Productions is Luka Guindo, rapper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist and one of the most sought after producers of contemporary Malian Hip Hop. Working from a small bedroom sized studio alongside a busy street in the Malian capital city, Luka has built a reputation as one of the most prodigious beatmakers. Working with artists such as Supreme Talent Show, Ami Yerewolo, Iba One, Van Baxy, and Sidiki Diabate, Luka Productions is a household name in Bamako’s Hip Hop scene.

In the past decade, Hip Hop in Bamako has exploded, and risen to the defining music of the youth, much of it modeled on Western imports. Luka Production’s however makes Hip Hop that is distincly Malian. Luka is known for his ethos of maintainting a place for traditional instrumentation, and reclaimaining the genre as a uniquely local style. In esoteric compositions of Kora and Balafon, layered over software percussion, flute, horns, and synthesizer, Luka’s tracks draw on the rich musical history of Mali, bringing the village life into the modern world.

In 2016, he released his first international debut, Mali Kady: high energy Hip Hop, with lighting fast rapping, driving percussion, and balafon dance tracks. His 2017 release Fasokan (Sahel Sounds), went in a different direction. Inspired by the minimal electronic compositions of Craig Leon, Fasokan is a guided meditation; spoken verse guides the listener through the trials of the modern age, set to the backdrop of sweeping electronics and hypnotic dreamscapes. The album has gone onto critical acclaimed, featured as Boomkat’s Top album of 2017, and Fact Mag’s best bandcamp albums of 2017. He played his first European tour in fall of 2017, debuting at Le Guess Who in Utrecht.