a story of sahel sounds

a story of sahel sounds

Our friends at the Neopan Kollektiv have finished up their documentary “A Story of Sahel Sounds.” The film is what it says on the tin. A few years back, the filmmakers reached out about a project to document the work of Sahel Sounds. Over the past 3 years, the film team joined us on some of the first European tours with Mamman Sani and Mdou Moctar, came along to Niger on a month long recording trip, and visited us at home in rainy Cascadia, worlds away from the Sahel.

“The film celebrates music performances by current artists from Niger and opens up a space to question our understanding of cultural exchange, musical connections and political structures. Against the backdrop of ever-growing globalization, although influenced by an unequal distribution of power, new possibilities for self-determination open up, these artists attempt to make it big — on the stage and on the mobile phones of their fans. Inspired by Christopher Kirkley’s work, the film overcomes cultural and geographical distances and offers a new perspective on a region which most of us only know as a crisis zone.”

The film is premiering this Thursday at the HOF International Film Festival in Hof, Germany.

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  1. Robert Keane

    Hi there,

    really impressed with this, I actually really like this music genre. When is the offical movie being released?

    I am from Ireland so this is a different world/music genre I would be used to.



  2. sahelsou

    you should check out the facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/astoryofsahelsounds/ – we didn’t produce the film, so not sure on the release date, but probably will be screening around at festivals this year!

  3. Lucas Oliveira

    Excellent documentary! Can you tell if it is available in Brazil?

  4. Lucas Oliveira

    I would like to see this documentary subtitled! Do you know if you have subtitles in Portuguese or Spanish?

  5. José Pereira

    This documentary should be very interesting! Congratulations on sharing!

  6. charlie nelson

    How do I watch this wonderful film?

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