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Caught this on the radio late night in Sikasso. This is more or less a live in studio example of the “balani show” remix, performed on a sampler, with CDJs. I don’t have anymore info, but it’s brilliant.

Radio Sikasso – Balani Remix

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  1. Andy Rayner

    My office is in the main market in Sikasso, and the guy across the street blasts music all day… Some incredibly unique sounds coming from there. Others sounds are the cheap knock offs of someone trying to be cool with some concocted form of something western… grates on my nerves. Sikasso Balafon players are incredible, and of course the Guitar music is magic…

  2. sahelsou

    for sure ~ there’s a definite mix. i’ve noticed that some of the trend tends to be towards very unremarkable hip hop that sounds formulaic, copied almost directly from western instrumentals…this balani-remix style is a nice merging of modernity with tradition.

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