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It’s been a very busy 2014. We released a handful on vinyl releases, toured three times in Europe, traveled twice across the Sahel, and filmed the first ever Tuareg language film. In honor of things coming to an end and new beginnings, here’s a little year end mix. There are a couple of highlights from the past, but also a glimpse into the next year – with the release of Mdou Moctar’s film and soundtrack, new collaborations with Mississippi of Azawad folklore, lost and found recordings of Niger 70’s orchestras, electrified live wedding recordings from Nouakchott, and sublime electro-instrumental Tuareg synth.

Thanks again for your support!

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Mdou Moctar – Ambience
Fatou Seidi Ghali – Ilghadad
Mdou Moctar – Jagwa (live in Marseille)
Etran de l’Air – Etran Hymn
Hussein – Lebtait
Hama – Instrumental Jam
Abba Gargando – Kel Tamacheq
Yasin Nana – Timbouctou No. 1
Mamman Sani Abdoulaye – Salamatu 1997
Cheb Ziram – Issafara
Mamelon – Koumba Fri Fri (Gulls Slowed Version)
Mamman Sani – Lamru (El Mahdy Jr Remix)
Leila Gobi – Menaka
Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud – Wana L’Ancien

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  1. loic

    Sounds great !

  2. sean hocking metal postcard


    how are you

    hope all well

    sahel sounds is so cool – still can’t get enough of my Balani record – hoping that 2015 brings more electronic stuff from you – if you are ever into co-releasing – i know you do with eric on most but thought i should ask

    actual;ly getting in contact for another reason – am inventing a new cloud service to help musicians, small labels, consumers all connect and buy the sort of music we all release – – my aim – destroy the existing paradigm so people like us and the artists on our labels take over the world – it’s a big dream but i am going to singlehandedly make it reality

    I’l be inviting a number of labels to join soon when we get part 1 up and running ( happy to send to a powerpoint – top secret obviously – to explain) i;m also doing a video presentation for the money men and want some looping sections of music on the home page when we go into beta and invite people to join – which brings me to sahel sounds – Sahel is the perfect representation of the type of music i want this service to push to the world and especially the newer forms of electronic music out of africa – so what i’d like to ask is permission to loop part of a track by say Balani or / and mortar — unless of course you have something new and exciting i don’t know about – i want to feature sahel very heavily when we launch as your saharan cellphones lp was one of the cornerstones that helped me with the concept of what i’m doing – best sean

  3. Jonathan dueck

    Loving this! That first mdou moctar arrack is incredible! As is that Yasin nana song. Do you have more info on the artist?

  4. Jonathan dueck

    Track I mean…

  5. rainstick

    beauty man. Bless up eternally.

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