Kickstarting – Music from Saharan Cellphones Volume 2

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Music from Saharan Cellphones Volume 2 is coming!

Last year, we rolled out Music from Saharan Cellphones, a vinyl compilation of popular music circulating on the unofficial cellphone music exchange networks of West Africa. In the preceding years, I’ve located more artists via internet tools like Facebook profile searches and Youtube comments, as well as my travels back to West Africa (where I met Ami Wassidje, Pheno S., Mouma Bob, and Mdou Moctar). The kickstarter is now underway, with competitively priced pre-orders on the vinyl ($15 w/shipping) as well as some new reward levels (like a cellphone from the Sahara loaded with mp3s or a MicroSD card release). Expected release date is around November.

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  1. Travis Warrington


    Maybe I missed it, but what song is playing in the video? And, where can I download it?

    I hope to get one of the packages you are offering soon

    Thanks and jam tun

  2. sahelsou

    that’s Lakal Kanaye – Soul Tamashek. hip hop from Niger, circa 1998. it’s going to be on the LP….

  3. Teachyourself Hausa


    Thank you Sahel Sounds for sharing this music with us.
    I really do love it. I must confess I did not know such a Music from Saharan Cellphones can be so addictive to listen to.

    Keep up good work.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sam O

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