paris in the springtime

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For mes amis françias, I’m going to be in the country for the next few days. On June 14th and 15th is an international conference on Mobile Phones and Creation, presented by IRCAV Sorbonne Nouvelle. Accompanying a list of some really fascinating speakers, I’ll presenting some of my work on the role of cellular technologies in shaping Tuareg popular music, a perfect opportunity to share some of the digital ephemera that’s circulating through the cellphone network. Expect lots of montage/photoshopped images and 3GP concert recordings. It’ll all going down at the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, Vasari Room.

I’ll also be doing a DJ sets June 15th at the Lizard Lounge in Paris with Toni Polo, in Marseille on June 18th, where I’ll also be showing a film at a new art space, and Lyon, for guest spot on Sedryk Reaktion’s uncontested Imidiwane radio show. Swing by and an all, we’ll parle Sahel….

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