discoteque alkhairi

Some found sound from Khalil’s cellphone repair shop/mp3 sales/video montage, Abalak, Niger.

Ajanwadal (instrumental)

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  1. george

    this track is legitimately entrancing. im guessing there is no information on who the musician(s) is/are? would be great to hear more from them, or at least track them down. thanks for posting.

  2. Phil Babcock

    Whoa! Terry Riley is right! That is some synthy goodness.

  3. wqrren

    !! this is so good !!

  4. jacob

    yea wow is this great

  5. krenlee

    Holy shit, I like the Terry Riley tag, true that.

  6. Mr Tear

    Amazing sounds! Many thanks.

  7. XNS

    Really love this tune! if anyone can give any info on who the artist is or recommend any similar music, that’d be well appreciated.

  8. sahelsou

    all i’ve got is a bunch of tracks called “piyano” — but I’ll talk with the homies in Niger. I have a feeling it’s either from Agadez or Tamanrasset, Algeria.

  9. JD

    Greetings from Boston, just wanted to say that your blog is amazing!

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