sahel tour 2012

Off to West Africa, heading into Mali, Niger, and N. Nigeria. Over the next months expect some new Bamako Electro-Balani, Sonrai Hip Hop, and Bollywood Hausa Film music. Plus some live Bamako -> Portland collabo’s via Skype. We’ll be kicking it off with a little party on Friday, Jan. 6th at Moloko+ on Mississippi Ave. here in Portland, with Gulls and Monkeytek!

Sahelsounds Back to Africa!!!!1
w/ djs Gulls, Monkeytek, Sahesounds
@ Moloko +
Friday, Jan 6th
10pm – ?

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  1. Niight

    Your website, comments and tunes on it are awsome.
    I feel like i was there by reading your text while listening to the music.
    You should maybe add a function to allow visitor to share this on social network if of course there no copyright/label or whatever they call it.
    Keep going on man.

  2. sahelsou

    let me try and figure out how to do that…

  3. bram

    hi there
    thanks for sharing all this wonderful stuff! actually your focus on Niger boosted me again to dig up some film footage i made in Niamey in june 2008. if you could find out more about these guys, that would be awesome…
    check it out here:

    cheers from Belgium
    bram – dj LeBlanc

  4. sahelsou

    dope! i’ll def. look ’em up when I get to Niamey.

  5. bram

    actually after close listening, the rhythm of the song from my clip sounds similar to morib’s track kabablon on your cellphone comp vol 1… a kind of sped up percussive variation of coupé décalé.

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