prayer call

A pentatonic Quran recitation, early morning in the mountain village of Timtendech (Adrar, Mauritania).

morning prayer call

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  1. sahelsou

    thanks myke — i updated the mp3 on the blog with your eq’d version!

  2. Cabaret Diaspora

    Un très beau travail.
    Aimerait beaucoup collaborer avec vous.
    Amitiés sincères.
    Jean-Baptiste Hervé

  3. Julie Summersquash

    I put the link on my desktop & play it every morning when I turn on the computer. And thanks for the update!

  4. QuranReciter

    Very cool site! Thank you very much for your effort in writting this.

  5. Matt McNaught

    This is beautiful. I have been searching for some pentatonic quranic recitation but was not expecting to find such a wonderful and atmospheric field recording. Thanks..

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