the importance of a skypager.

Music from Saharan Cellphones Vol. 2 — more of the same, if not an increased selection of sounds from Mauritania (referred to as “Jagwa” collectively east of Shinqit). Again, all mp3s collected in the town of Kidal, the quintessential desert crossroad. Some of the track titles are lost to the id3 dustbin of history, but the tracklist is best replicated here, with a few creative flourishes:

Side A:
Mdou Moctar – Niger
Mouma Bob – Imidi
Amanar – Alghafiat
Fenomenal – Mix
Unknown Polisario Group – Moubedah

Side B:
DJ Mystral and DJ Siril – Pekele
Ùäê ÓêÏÍ ÙÈÏê áèæ
Yalah (Alpha Blondy cover in Arabic)
Lakal Kaney – Soul Tamasheq
Njib Ould N’Ghaimich – Guetna
Polisario unknown
Bayta Ag Bay – Aicha

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24 thoughts on “the importance of a skypager.

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  2. Jonathan Beilin

    I’ve been looking forward to this since vol 1 dropped. An excellent glimpse into a different pop culture. Knowing that people all over the world make sick music should promote peace.

  3. james

    Hey there dude. Excellent tunes in the last collection look forward to hearing this one.
    Why don’t you use mediafire? there’s no annoying wait times and it’s free.

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  9. gypsykat

    Both volumes of this have been in my mp3 player for a month or so. I think these are among the most interesting recordings I’ve heard from this part of the world. Kudos!

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  12. Pieci

    Unfortunately the download link doesn’t work any more. Where can I find this awesome music, part II?

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