In Lere, Mohamed Issa, from the group Tartit, arrives on the tail of a dust storm. He is here for one night, and then departing to play in a marriage “en brousse”. Accompanied by myself and Abou, a young apprentice, we play out by the tent until the early hours.

Mohammad Issa Solo

Mohammad Issa Solo 2

(I should note, for aspiring guitarists – often in the Tuareg guitar and Sori guitar, the first string is tuned up to G, and plays the continuous bass)

jam 1

jam 2

jam 3

The next day, before the dust storm tears through the down, I ask the kids to play some songs. I sing a few too – lots of requests for Akon. Heads are appearing over the wall, and by the time the mother comes home, there’s a regular concert crowd gathered.

Lere 1

Lere 2

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