mix pour emporter #5 – cabaret diaspora

A bit late on the update, but here’s a guest mix I recently put together for Montreal’s “Radio Cabaret Diaspora”. Lots of jams across the board, music you’ll find on the site, records, plus some unreleased stuff. Field recording, for when your field consists of guitars and a PA. Enjoy.

1. Children in Djounhan – Bellula
2. Ahmed Ag Kaedi / Amanar – Hamadine
3. Cheikh de Kidal – Tehardine
4. Abba Gargando – Zinezju Meghdem
5. Mdou Moctar – Nikali Talit
6. Kel Tawangal – Gerewol
7. Alkibar Gignor – Adibara
8. Aghali Ag Amoumine – Hali Diallo
9. Idoumou Ould Jheich – Bunja
10. Mdou Moctar – La Super
11. Children in Niafounke – Coonicami
12. Lewlewal de Podor – Jaanfa
13. Le Marchand Du Soleil – Ne Frappez Pas Les Innocents
14. Bintou Coulibaly – Kalijaye
15. Orchestre Dental – Douga
16. Alkibar Gignor – Lahidou
17. Amanar – Adounia (Acoustic)


5 thoughts on “mix pour emporter #5 – cabaret diaspora

  1. King Tubby

    Cant wait to begin exploring this fab site. Been putting a few Mali posts on my site because I’m bored with China. However, this is the real deal.
    Many thanks

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