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This little cassette of music (“Music from Saharan Cellphones”) collected from cellphones has been in internet circulation lately (update — and the Guardian UK). Pitchfork did a nice write-up on the phenomena of “musical scarcity”, Rupture at Mudd Up! has given it some blog/radio play, and Portland’s own Gulls put together this remix of one of the tracks:

Niger Autotune (Emsitka) — Gulls Edit

Just to clarify, the music was not collected from “discarded” or “abandoned” cellular phones as has been reported. It’s sort of funny, the notion that one could find memory cards or cellphones lying around in the trash. No, although an interesting story, the music was simply copied. In the effort of cultural exchange, I traded for a few Townes Van Zandt albums; we’ll see if they’ve survived next time I’m back in Kidal.

The somewhat ambiguous tracklist was a result of ID3 tags and guesswork. First world internet access and Facebook feedback have helped to clarify a few things, and here’s the updated tracklist (more details as they come available):

side A:

01 – Group Anmattaf – Tinariwen (Tamaransett, Algeria)
02 – Hasso Akotey – Amidinine (Niger – myspace)
03 – Mdou Moctar – Tahoultine (Niger/Nigeria)
04 – Koudede – Souveniram (Niger – myspace)
05 – Hamdawa – Salaouat Nabina (Meknes, Morocco – awesometapes)
06 – Cheb Hamza and Cheba Wasila (Morocco)

side B:

01 – Kaba Blon – Moribayassa (Bamako, Mali)
02 – ?
03 – Yeli Fuzzo – Abande (Bamako, Mali – facebook)
04 – ?
05 – Joskar and Flamzy – Faroter (Ivory Coast)
06 – Aminata Wassidje – Tamala (Dire, Mali)
07 – Papito feat. Iba One – Yereyira (Bamako, Mali)

download here via ghostcapital

34 thoughts on “tracklist from music from saharan cellphones

  1. sahelsou Post author

    thanks for the comment — and i just checked out your blog, and you just blew my mind.

  2. monkeytek

    Yo! This tape is wonderful! People are just shy, but check this out… every one I play this for is amazed. I think I like volume 2 even more!
    Much respect for doing this unique and amazing project!!!!


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  4. DiDeroe

    These are great! An ask: where was the second track on side B collected? ( from which country?) I guess this music and tunes have got important community organazing force in that countries where most people don’t even have a radio or anything else. Good luck!

  5. sahelsou Post author

    Most all of the tracks were collected in Kidal, Mali — although I did grab some in Gao as well. But that second track is almost certainly from Ivory Coast. It’s a typical “coupe decale” track and had the identifier “Auguste”. I still haven’t found out who the artist is, but will be back in W. Africa shortly and will have updates!

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  10. dmixo6

    This is one of the best collections of music I’ve ever heard. As soon as it finished, the first thought in my head was “Play it again”, so I did..
    Thanks so much,

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  20. Megan Monson

    Awesome! Thanks so much for the tape, and keep it going! Would love to hear about your next trip.

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